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InterCombi Ticket- A success Story

INTERCONNECT can be considered as the successor of ‘Interface’ and ‘Interface Plus’ projects. These projects, co-funded by the South Baltic Programme 2007-2013, aimed to help revitalise cross-border passenger traffic without car as a comfortable, cheap and environmental friendly alternative to travel within the South Baltic area. The projects succeeded in introducing an integrated railway-ferry-bus ticket for the ride between the urban centres of Nyköping (Denmark) and Rostock (Germany), operated through an online booking system and supported by the dynamic passenger information system, the first cross-border facility of that kind in the South Baltic area. Now, joint marketing and information activities are being implemented in order this service to become more attractive in the widen public.

Given that, InterCombi Ticket is a initiative that should be showcased as good practise, and as example of successful Multi-modal ticketing system. InterCombi gives the opportunity to passengers to get different means of Transport (ferry, bus, etc) travelling from Denmark to Germany, using just single ticket! More specifically the InterCombi-Ticket is valid for:

  1. all public transport in Nykøbing (tariff zone 230)
  2. bus transfer from Nykøbing to Gedser
  3. crossing the Baltic Sea with a Scandlines ferry to Rostock
  4. all public transport in Rostock (tariff zone Rostock)

 If you want to know more about this initiative, you can check here: