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Blekingetrafiken launch Bus-TV in Blekinge county as a part of pilot demonstration in WP 4

Sharp at 12:00 the 5th of September 2018, Blekingetrafiken (managing body for public transport in the Swedish country of Blekinge) pushed the button and 260 screens in 130 buses started - at the same time - to stream media services.  From that day forward, the Blekingetrafiken's new information channel - one of the deliverables in Work Package 4.3 of the INTERCONNECT project - is up and running. The Buss-TV shows to the passengers the real time traffic data, news highlights and details on the sites of interest passed by on the bus ride. Also, the new traffic information helps them out to choose the next travel segment when the bus approaches a transfer point.

The Buss-tv information is geographically profiled, which allows to ascribe the data to the bus line crossing the specific area. To exemplify, tv screens on bus line No. 6 connecting the downtown of Karlskrona with the ferry terminal promotes the ferry line service to Gdynia, Poland.

With this new system, Blekingetrafiken hope the passengers are going to experience the travel time as shorter, more useful and may help attract more customers to the public transport service in local and interregional travels.

This pilot demonstration work in INTERCONNECT project raised public media interest (local radio station as well as national branch magazines and local newspaper).