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All analysed regions tend to provide public transport services using the most modern fleet of vehicles.
It is also intended to introduce into operation vehicles which are most friendly to the environment (powered by electric energy, CNG or meet the highest Euro emission standards). All analysed regions also tend to ensure the highest availability of public transport for people with disabilities. To this end, in Rostock all tram stops and the majority of bus stops (62%) have been so designed to remove all barriers for people with disabilities. Moreover, the fleet of vehicles is also adapted to render transport services for people with disabilities. All buses are low-floor buses and are equipped with wheelchair ramp. Also in Klaipeda all city buses, new route-taxi, both 12-meter and 16.5-meter are low-floor buses.

In Blekinge all vehicles used in public transport are adapted to the needs of people with disabilities,as well as 85% of stops and stations used by at least 20 people daily. In the Pomorskie all buses and trolleybuses used in fleets of the largest operators, ZTM Gdansk, ZKM Gdynia, ZIM Słupsk, and MZK Wejherowo are low-floor vehicles.