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Interconnect project presentation in Kalmar, Sweden

On the 13th and 14th of May the Euroregion Baltic Board meeting was held in Kalmar, Sweden.

On the 14th, Mr Mattias Andersson from Blekinge Region, as Interconnect Project manager, and Ms Agata Ludwiczak, as Interconnect Communication manager, presented the project to all ERB Board members, Youth Board members, Secretariats members and stakeholders.

Mr Mattias presented the project main goals and outputs and updated the ERB Executive Board about the ERB involvement in Interconnect project. The Interconnect project aims towards better transport services. Its duration is from June 2017 until May 2020 and involves 9 formal and 11 associated partners, including the ERB members. The project addresses several challenges like the current unsustainable mobility trends and offers solutions like no-car mobility in the South Baltic area through joint capacity building, pilot demonstration.

Mr Mattias and Ms Agata underlined the importance of raise awareness among decision-makers in the partner areas on the current and future public transport mobility needs, and to increase their knowledge of how to match them with adequate services and products, improving stakeholder capacity for cross-border cooperation on public transport issues in the SB area.

Here you can see the complete presentation

Watch the video of the Interconnect presentation