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Interconnect regional seminar 18.10.2019 - Karlshamn, Sweden

Region Blekinge together with HIE-RO (Pawel Warszycki) and Team Red (Matthias Nuessgen) at the request of PP4, Hanseatic City of Rostock were contributing to the regional seminar & workshop with proposals on how to initiate a cross‐sectoral dialogue on public transport in the South Baltic area and how to integrate the cross‐border perspective of public transport services in the sustainable development policies of the partner areas (Friday, 18 October, 09:30-15:30, Karlshamn, Sweden).

Three speakers from Region Blekinge contributed: Mattias Andersson, Interconnect project manager and strategist, with update from partner regions; Magnus Forsberg, Strategic Planner, Public Transport, introduced the goals and ambitions of the Region Blekinge in the field of transport policy based on the policy documents of the regional development and Claes Fisher, Blekingetrafiken, Business Developer, highlighted the new trends in the future transport communications.

Stakeholders from the Municipality of Karlshamn, Blekinge Institute of Technology and NetPort Science Park discussed public transport development and its governance.

The summarised result from the similar workshops conducted in all project regions should be used for the guidelines for how to work with multi-level governance effectively - especially regarding cross-border travelling.