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Cross-project exchange: Interconnect and SB Transport Loops

In the middle of August our Project Leader - Mattias Andersson from Region Blekinge was invited by Mukran Port, Germany to participate in 'South Baltic Transport Loops' project partnership meeting, where he had a chance to speak about the findings of the Interconnect project and discuss the cross-project exchange.
The South Baltic Transport Loops is a project run by Mukran Port (Lead Partner), Port of Elblag, Port of Karlshamn, Port of Roenne and Klaipeda Shipping Reasearh Centre. The main objective of the project is the development of new regular shipping connections to develop small and medium-sized ports. It also aims at development and implementation of new regular shipping links for container, bulk and general cargo, development and implementation of new reggular ferry links or or the major improvement of existing ferry links and improvement of intermodal hinterland connectivity to and from ports.
The ports and the user of shipping lines will benefit from the new and/or improved shipping connections. These connections improve the accessibility of South Baltic region. Improved accessibility supports the development of the economy as well as tourism. It may also help to increase the population in certain areas.