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INTERCONNECT workshop in Karlskrona about future regional public transport

The 13th of February, the SustainTrans team hosted, within the INTERCONNECT project, a workshop about future regional and cross-border public transport. PhD student Varvara Nikulina lead the workshop, and after a framing of the workshop by Magnus Johansson (chairman of the public transport board in Blekinge), and INTERCONNECT project leader Wiktor Szydarowski, the participants was introduced to strategic sustainable development of transport by senior lecturer and SustainTrans research leader Henrik Ny.

Then more than 35 international and local stakeholders collaborated vision statements, the current reality, and solutions for a strategic sustainable development of regional and cross-border public transport. This was done through a world café setup, where Niklas Eklund, James Vierling, Juliette Tenart, Sven Borén, and Lisa Wälitalo were table leaders, and Michael Fellner was documenting the results.

The information harvested during this workshop, and the forthcoming in Gdynia, Klaipeda, and Rostock, will be a great contribution to our current research about developing a stakeholder collaboration model. It will also give input to upcoming activities in INTERCONNECT, e.g. list of solutions for sustainable public transport, and also to the MSLS thesis about communication.